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[xmca] Concepts as sedimentation

Andy , Tony, Michael,
Each time I read a posting different responses occur - but they are not very stable as there is so much between them all. I also need to follow Larry's suggestion and  follow through Ingolds 'lines' . Andy's word as artefact not sedimenting - this is I think where Ilyenkov's 'ideal' is active, I have an understanding of ideal as where reinvention attracts and is that generating coalescence in our projects. Sedimentation as you especially use it is active in influencing the everyday 'now' too though not causally, so there is transformation somehow traces of  what 'attracts ' transformation of concept maybe doesn't sediment.
 Anyway I was thinking of a discussion around an Edward Said memorial lecture, looking to the Al-Andalus culture in Andalusia as an inspiration for Palestine, where is was considered as 'no longer', yet in Andalucia the form of living is rich with influence from Al-Andalus influence through those sedimented examples, vibrant in places all through ways of living in Andalucian life. I wouldn't say 'constrained by it' though. Thinking of 'parole', I would think it would be therre that 'accretion' - as that gravity that attracts matter, not the formed but  what is doing the forming- is  active .
Also, you have a good sense of humour.. Gnomes and all.  I don't think you are drowning, (or walking on water ) - but the metaphor  maybe changed itself from walking to swimming quite hopefully, a transformation,  being bipedal but not being limited to walking.
Christine. 		 	   		  __________________________________________
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