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Re: [xmca] Concepts as sedimentation

I'm not sure, Larry, what Dillon's concept of "culture" is, but I would say that sedimentation is what culture is, but I don't know how he is tying the issue of dualism into it.


Larry Purss wrote:
Andy, Tony
This quote from Dillon [referenced by Donna Orange who I'm sitting by the
window reading] seems relevant as an explanation of M-P's notion of

"Sedimentation is the settling of culture into things. In our culture, the
separation of the animate and the inanimate has permeate all things. it is,
perhaps the most deeply entrenched of all dualisms; it permeates our
language, our thought, and the things themselves. There is no "epoche"
[bracketing] capable of freeing us in one act of reflection from millenia of
sediment.; it is, rather, the work of a lifetime to form the "askesis"
[training, striving] required to dig out from under the CONCEPTUAL weight of
the dualist tradition."

Andy, I see a "family resemblance" between your project of locating
"concepts" within a developmental/historical con-text and Merleau-Ponty's
notion of sedimentation as "conceptual" weight.

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