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Re: [xmca] Vygotsky, Leontiev and Luria

David, I just wanted to respond to this observation about word and act. I had this line double underlined in my copy of LSV CW too, but as you note, it is what it is said against which is important. It is said against the idea that forming a string of phonemes with the muscles of the larynx and lungs etc is "just another" action, like plucking a cherry or squeezing a pimple. Clearly, linguistic practice is, in this sense, an activity of an entirely different order. Metholodogically though, word meaning retains its significance as an artefact-mediated action, and the relation of word meaning to concept retains its parallel to the relation of action to activity.


David Kellogg wrote:
They support Gutzmann's argument that aphasia is sui generis: "To consider speech as a more particular case of action," they say, "means to depend on an incorrect definition of the concept of action." (p. 66 of the Collected Works, Vol. 6). Speech is not a kind of action or "activity"; it's different in kind.

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