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[xmca] Linguistic Anthropology and hostility to the study of language?

Hello Greg,

I interject mostly to post a link to part of a recording I made  of Elinor, using Real Player. I had to change the format to iTunes m4v as I have limited free web space and this produced a smaller file.
( take care to allow a space between the ISCAR and the 2011 - I know I should have changed the filename - it doesn't always email well)
http://www.cschweighart.webspace.virginmedia.com/ISCAR 2011.m4v

I found many gems in this and loved the conclusion of Elinor's petition, very timely too
 a couple of quotes:

meaning cannot always be treated as a holistic proposition, rather meaning is
evolving over time as an emergent experience. Nor is utterance meaning simply
the sum of different points in utterance time. The meaning of any utterance, or
text, transcends its momentary parts and we have yet to have a proper grasp of
how we might analyse it.”

“ A transcript and a translation clunks an utterance
down in its entirety, but we know that this representation belies the temporal
experience of ordinary meaning-making in which feelings may build and diminish,
thoughts may be initiated and withdrawn, repetitions may  involve poetic qualities and the sounds of one’s
own and others’ intonations, voice qualities and , or alternatively one’s own
or other interlocutors silences feed back into the living experience of enacted

 These are a must for all those Discourse Analysis Research Methods courses proliferating in the market out there that students are subjected to...
 Regards, Christine
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