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[xmca] Linguistic Anthropology and hostility to the study of language?


As you were puzzled by Elinor Ochs at ISCAR, I was puzzled by your puzzlement, and by your comment:

"Elinor Ochs is from linguistic/cultural anthropology, which I think may be seen to be hostile to to study of language."

I was just wondering if you might be willing to explain what you meant a little more (maybe you intended a wink ;-) at the end?). 

As someone raised (intellecutally speaking) by a pack of (wild?) Linguistic Anthropologists (but categorically not quite one of them), I am very curious about what you meant. I'm not so much interested in defending them as I am curious about how Linguistic Anthropology is perceived by people in other fields.

So, what did you have in mind?

Looking forward to your response.
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