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[xmca] FW: vygotsky in perspective

I just got notice of a new book on LSV:

Main Author:       Miller, Ronald, 1943-

Title:             Vygotsky in perspective / Ronald Miller.

Primary Material:  Book

Subject(s):        Vygotskii, L. S. (Lev Semenovich), 1896-1934.
                   Psychologists Soviet Union.
                   Psychology Soviet Union History.

Publisher:         Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press,

Description:       xiii, 451 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Notes:             Includes bibliographical references and index.
                   "Lev Vygotsky has acquired the status of one of the grand
                      masters in psychology. Following the English translation
                      and publication of his Collected Works there has been a
                      new wave of interest in Vygotsky accompanied by a
                      burgeoning of secondary literature. Ronald Miller argues
                      that Vygotsky is increasingly being 'read' and
                      understood through secondary sources and that scholars
                      have claimed Vygotsky as the foundational figure for
                      their own theories, eliminating his most distinctive
                      contributions and distorting his theories. Miller peels
                      away the accumulated layers of commentary to provide a
                      clearer understanding of how Vygotsky built and
                      developed his arguments. In an in-depth analysis of the
                      last three chapters of Vygotsky's book Thinking and
                      Speech, Miller provides a critical interpretation of the
                      core theoretical concepts that constitute Vygotsky's
                      cultural-historical theory, including the development of
                      concepts, mediation, the zone of proximal development,
                      conscious awareness, inner speech, word meaning and

Table of Contents: Machine generated contents note: 1. Introduction; 2. A
                      thematic overview; 3. The development of concepts; 4.
                      The development of scientific concepts; 5. The
                      development of scientific concepts: critique; 6. Thought
                      and word; 7. Michael Cole
                   artifact mediated action: setting the record straight; 8.
                      James V. Wertsch
                   cultural tools and mediated action: getting it wrong; 9.
                      James V. Wertsch: mediation and the zone of proximal
                      development; 10. The essential commentators; 11.
                      Vygotsky: mediation.

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