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Re: [xmca] What is "structural change in the psyche"?

On Fri, 21 Jan 2011, Andy Blunden wrote:

Like with other things to
which we impute objective existence, a personality is, could I say, "really reified"? :) That is, not only do we assume that another person, for example, "Mike Cole" exists and has a personality of his own, but by our actions in relation to Mike we continue to construct and reconstruct him. Let alone any other person in the world less self-possessed than Mike!!! :)

That's why I would call this "actualism" rather than "realism," from activity rather than from things ( = rei )

Reification (= Latin for "making into a thing") is not just a mental activity, of course, but a social and practical activity, by means of which we create a stable world in which we can live.

On reification for the sake of "science," I recommend Sfard's new book on "commognition" (which Jay Lemke has reviewed in MCA).
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