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RE: [xmca] Brains, Computer, and the Future of Education

If you come across this article, let me know. If nobody comes up with one,
then I am going to write it. 

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The band wagon may not be a strong enough metaphor.  The image of a steam
roller seems more accurate.  I mentioned earlier that the term ZPD is now a
recognized term in many school settings [as scaffolding].  However this
alternative metaphor of mind as computer or mind  as brain is a far more
powerful metaphor in schools. Often school staffs are fascinated with these
explanations and believe that neuroscience is finally getting to the "heart"
of the matter [couldn't resist the contradictary metaphor]. Brain science as
an explanation of learning is becoming   the dominant narrative in
many school debates.  I was wondering if there are any "simplified' articles
for a general audience that engage with these neuro/brain metaphors that
would lead to school staffs possibly having a dialogue [by introducing
dought]  I have shared a few articles with interested staff who love ideas
but they were too "theoretical" for a staff discussion.

With this steam roller comes the call for justifying your practice in
schools by using "best practices" which are "evidence based".  This
evidence often is dominated by evidence from neuroscience

 I have attempted to introduce sociocultural perspectives into the debate in
 response to the neuro/brain social representations of learning but I would
appreciate an  article for a general audience that I could hand out to start
a dialogue among school staffs.

Mike, I believe this frame of reference is not a "fad" or a "band wagon"
but is developing into a "conventionalized" metaphor which most educators
may use to explain "learning" in  schools.  Fad indicates a transitory
phenomena and neuroscience seems a longer lasting  phenomena.

I am looking for an article that does not refute or contradict the
neuroscience explanations but rather LINKS the  ideas to sociocultural

One of the principals in a school I work in is attending this conference,
and principals do have influence in school cultures.  I hope to influence


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> The bandwagon is visible coming over the horizon!
> Check it out at http://www.learningandthebrain.com/brain28.html.
> Join for just the price of a click and a clack.
> mike
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