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Re: [xmca] Rhetoric and Grammar in AZ, USA

Yes, it is really bad what's happening in AZ... and that Palin's rhetoric is so successfull... and I am not sure that Obama's sophisticated rhetoric is able to match Palin. You need to be more street smart to struggle against the right wings from Alaska and elsewheree (e.g Sweden... ) The good "Dichter und Denker" could not beat "Richter and Henker" in Germany 1933.

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Subject: [xmca] Rhetoric and Grammar in AZ, USA

I'm Anthony.

I've spent the last semester here as a newbie, a lurker mainly, and I've read and learned a so much from these threads, which significantly bolstered my readings of Cole, Wertsch, and Vygotsky. Although my coursework is done, I prefer to stick around.

As I follow the aftermath of the Arizona, USA assassination attempt, I'm realizing that I can't recall a story that's generated more attention to rhetoric, semantics, linguistics, and most notably, grammar.

Between the violent political rhetoric that many (me included) argue foments (NOT directly causes) dangerous acts (I.e. Palin's famous bullseye map) to the shooter's obsession with the government's monopoly on grammar, there is a sea of talk about the meaning (and meaninglessness) of words.

It's a horrible event. And because I learn so much here, I wonder if anyone else has noticed this and would care to jump in with his or her take.


Villas, USA

P.S. Of all the articles I've read over the past three days, this one was most stunning to me:

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