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Re: [xmca] Call for Hosts - CSCL 2013

HI Bill, 
I just received your call about the conference and looked at your website. I see you graduated from UNM as an undergrad.  Do you have family in northern NM? 
I grew up in Espanola and  knew a number folks with your last name.  I graduated from the PSE program at Stanford (I believe they recently changed its name) where Brigid Barron was 
my dissertation advisor. 

Best wishes for wonderful 2011 and greetings from Loboland!

David J. Atencio, Ph. D.
Associate Professor, 
Department of Individual, Family,
 & Community  Education
Program Coordinator, Early Childhood
Multicultural Education Program
College of Education MS 05-3040
1 University of New Mexico 
Albuquerque, NM 87131
(505) 277-3757

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