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[xmca] Jan Hawkins Award

Hi all,

We are looking for nominations for the Jan Hawkins early career
AERA award.

*Call for Nominations: 2011 Jan Hawkins Award for Early *

*Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and *

*Scholarship in Learning Technologies, AERA Div. C***

An ideal candidate is someone who is able to blend a social
justice activist agenda with strong scholarship making use
of technology in innovative ways.

I have attached the information about the award and the nomination process.
We hope you will take the time to put forward the name of one of your
young scholars.


Margaret Riel <margaret.riel@sri.com>
Sr. Researcher, Center for Technology in Learning SRI-International
Co-Chair M. A in Learning Technologies Pepperdine University
   Phone: (760) 618-1314
   BLOG: http://mindmaps.typepad.com/

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