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[xmca] Fwd: LSV- Dynamic Assessment-Feurestein-Kozulin Article

Alex Kozulin kindly sent me this ref to his paper.


 Dear Mike,

The exact reference to this paper is:

Kozulin, A. (2001). Interface of Vygotskian and mediated learning experience
paradigms in teacher training. In A.Kozulin, R. Feuerstein and Ra.
Feuerstein (Eds.), *Mediated learning experience in teaching* *and
counseling*(pp.27-36). Jerusalem: ICELP Press.


Alex Kozulin

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*Cc:* Alex Kozulin
*Subject:* LSV- Dynamic Assessment-Feurestein-Kozulin Article

This summary by Alex Kozulin, taken from the web, may be helpful for those
who are unfamiliar with the notion of dynamic assessment that plays a
central role in the P&L article.
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