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RE: [xmca] LSV- Dynamic Assessment-Feurestein-Kozulin Article

Thank you very much, I was familiar with the idea of "dinamic assessment", since article from Brown and Ferrara (1985), that I read around 1992-1993. But until know, have not put nothing similar in practice. Unfortunetally I am more emotionally ill than the people I hope someday to help. I apreciate very much ideas from Feurstein too, but, in Brazil there are no other way to learn "PEI - programa de enriquecimento instrumental""Program of Instrumental Enrichement" - without many many dolars... Then, perhaps this article could give us some help and hope. For my friends that are sufficiently strong to stay at the front...
Thank you very much.
Achilles from Brazil.

Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2010 09:12:30 -0800
From: lchcmike@gmail.com
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Subject: [xmca] LSV- Dynamic Assessment-Feurestein-Kozulin Article

This summary by Alex Kozulin, taken from the web, may be helpful for those
who are unfamiliar with the notion of dynamic assessment that plays a
central role in the P&L article.

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