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[xmca] Fwd: [Air-L] Dedoose (Mixed Methods Web App) Updated with Memos and More

Tom Weisner is a terrific ethnographer of human development. i have not
tried Dedoose, but several of us we at LCHC are much in need of what it

Check it out.

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Date: Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 2:45 PM
Subject: [Air-L] Dedoose (Mixed Methods Web App) Updated with Memos and More
To: air-l@listserv.aoir.org

For those that aren't aware Dedoose is the world's first truly mixed methods
research tool, happens to be an amazing web based application with no
software needed to install, was built by Tom Weisner and Eli Lieber of
UCLA's Center of Culture and health, is extremely cheap, and you can start a
free 1 month full featured trial immediately.

We've completed the addition of the Memo System, and Project Copier, as well
as a bunch of bug fixes.  More details over at http://blog.dedoose.com/

In Response to AIR-L and other such contacts we are beginning to put
together a collaborative social network within the Dedoose so that users may
share their projects if they choose with others.  It will be as simple as
going to a page showing all the public / creative common projects (of which
we will be donating most of our internal projects), and clicking copy!    We
hope to encourage others to be able to share their entire data sets with
researchers in diverse fields and would like to work with the rest of the
community in establishing a standard for these data sets to facilitate
openness in the research community at large.

Happy Coding!
~ JT

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