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Re: [xmca] Mike Cole on ZOPED on vimeo.com Oops!

Hi Andy:
Just to let you know I did not forget that I need to fix up the video on
Socratic Dialogue in ZOPED -- Robert Lecusay asked for another few
weeks/month to get to his corrections of the video -- and I am working on
the Love and Education video too: your collection is looking great!!

On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 10:06 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> Apologies! Robert Lecusay, not Etienne (on this occasion)
> a
> Andy Blunden wrote:
>> A short talk (20 minutes) by Mike on ZOPED is available on vimeo:
>>    http://vimeo.com/groups/39473/videos/16714151
>> Thanks to Mike and to Etienne for production.
>> Nice crisp texty powerpoint slides and nice clear voice.
>> Andy
>> Andy Blunden wrote:
>>> Arturo Escandon has produced a lovely video talk on Agency and Vygotskyan
>>> Theory for us:
>>>   http://vimeo.com/groups/39473/videos/15209886
>>> Enjoy,
>>> Andy
>>> Andy Blunden wrote:
>>>> A talk by Beth Ferholt entitled: "Adult and Child Development in the
>>>> Zone of Proximal Development. Socratic Dialogue in a Playworld" is now
>>>> avaiable on vimeo.com
>>>>  http://vimeo.com/groups/39473/videos/15011909
>>>> This talk supports the 2-part video made in a classroom with kids
>>>> planning a dramatic performance which people would have seen before. Robert
>>>> Lecusay is also involved. Beth and Robert will be amending the video but it
>>>> will remain available via the CHAT group on Vimeo:
>>>>      http://vimeo.com/groups/39473/videos
>>>> Andy
>>>> Andy Blunden wrote:
>>>>> Many of you may be interested in the latest addition to the collection
>>>>> of CHAT videos on vimeo.com:
>>>>>   http://vimeo.com/14844396
>>>>> The video is an interview recorded via Skype in Melbourne Australia,
>>>>> with Peter Smagorinsky in Athens, Georgia USA, on Vygotsky's Psychology of
>>>>> Art.
>>>>> Apologies for the quality of the video at my end, but fortunately, you
>>>>> won't see much of it. The quality of the video and audio at Peter's end is
>>>>> OK.
>>>>> In a 30-minute interview one can't go too deep, but Peter does a
>>>>> marvellous job of stimulating interest in the topic rather than
>>>>> pontificating, and offers new angles on a number of issues of interest to
>>>>> everyone on this list.
>>>>> Peter has a paper in an upcoming issue of MCA. I read the paper and
>>>>> this gave us the basis for the interview. This is something anyone of us
>>>>> could do, interviewing an MCA author. Peter's interview is not intended to
>>>>> be at the level of peer reviewed research, but is a great introduction to
>>>>> the topic of the journal article. Future xmca discussions would possibly
>>>>> benefit from such interviews. The whole job is done with Skype (which is
>>>>> free) and Vodburner which you can 'hire' for $10 a month, and includes a
>>>>> somewhat clunky but adequate video editing tool.
>>>>> Anyone interested in emulating this idea?
>>>>> Andy
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