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[xmca] return of culture of poverty (mike cole)

This seems to inherently be a problem of atomistic, individualistic thinking (or possibly "small group" thinking). 

Might I suggest that people add Paul Willis' Learning to Labor to their syllabi in the coming years (seems like Willis fell out of favor with the turn of the millennium)? A notion of "cultural adaptivity" might be useful as well but one needs to have a vision of the socioeconomic scape into which the culture is adapting. Thus, if it is possible to get a dose of Marx in there, it might help to at least give people a way to think about larger social structure and how the culture of the local group (a 5th dimension, no?) is in a dialectical relationship with the larger social structure (call it what you will - global economic system, late modern capitalism, globalism...). This type of thinking is not an easy point to get across, but it provides a vision that can transform the world.*


*I leave it to you as to whether the transformation is of an individual's view of the world or whether it is a transformation of the big bad world that is beyond any of us as individuals.

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>This topic is, indeed, coming back in a big way.

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