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[xmca] FW: Five New Book Reviews from Education Review

Angel Lin (below) was a long-time xmca contributor, although I don't know if she's still subscribed. p

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Sent: Monday, November 08, 2010 3:55 PM
Subject: Five New Book Reviews from Education Review

 The Education Review is an open access journal that has
 published reviews of books in education continuously since
 1998. It can be accessed at

 Education Review has just published the following five
 book reviews:

  Lin, Angel M. Y. & Man, Evelyn Y. F. (2009) 
 Bilingual Education: Southeast Asian Perspectives. 
 Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. 
   Reviewed by Hui Zou, Arizona State University

 Abelmann, Nancy (2009). The Intimate University: 
 Korean American Students and the Problems of 
 Segregation. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. 
   Reviewed by Boh Young Lee, University of Georgia

 Shaw, Victor N. (2008). In View of Academic Careers 
 and Career-Making Scholars: Innovative Ideas for 
 Institutional Reform. Charlotte, NC: Information 
 Age Publishing, Inc. 
   Reviewed by Minmin Fan, Seton Hall University

 Howard-Hamilton, M. F. ; Morelon-Quainoo, C. L.; 
 Johnson, S. D.; Wingle-Wagner, R. & Santiague, L. (Eds.) 
 (2009) Standing on the Outside Looking In: 
 Underrepresented Students Experiences In Advanced 
 Degree Programs. Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing. 
   Reviewed by Bobbie Everett Frye, North Carolina State Univ

 Epstein, Ann S. (2009) Me, You, Us: Social Emotional 
 Learning in Preschool. Ypsilanti, Michigan: Highscope 
   Reviewed by Alma Linda Benavidez, Univ of Texas at 

These reviews can be accessed under Recent Book Reviews at
Gene V Glass, Editor for English

Gustavo Fischman, Editor for Spanish & Portuguese

Melissa Cast-Brede, Co-Editor for English

Education Review is a project of the National Education
Policy Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


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