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Re: [xmca] dialogue on future of Vygotsky studies

I am using your book and have also requested to have it reviewed for
the *Journal
of Aesthetic Education.
*Are all the others you mentioned on the listserve?*

*Thanks for your response.*

On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 2:05 PM, <cconnery@ithaca.edu> wrote:

> Hi Robert:
> I would certainly be interested in being included in your piece on the
> future of Vygotskian studies, especially with regard to teacher development,
> linguistically and culturally diverse children, creativity and education.
> May I also suggest my collaborators Vera John-Steiner and Ana
> Marjanovic-Shane? We just published a book with Lang on Vygotsky &
> Creativity: A Cultural-historical Approach to Play, Meaning making, and the
> Arts that specifically targets Vygotskian theory, creativity, and
> educational reform. Patricia St. John would also be an outstanding person to
> include, as well as Peter Smagorinsky, Carrie Lobman, Lois Holtzman, and
> Michelle Zoss.
> Best wishes,
> Cathrene
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