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[xmca] Experiences or an experience

Hi Andy
I was pondering your question about experience and came across this quote by
[in an article written by S. Paavola, K. Hakkarainen, and M. Sintonen:
"Abduction With Dialogical and Trialogical Means"]

Peirce was discussing the role of indexical signs in relation to our shared

"For  example, if example be needed, suppose a man to go out of his house at
night and see the light of a distant fire in the sky.  He meets a neibour
and remarks, "There is a fire."  If he had only said "a fire exists", he
would have conveyed next to NO meaning at all. Not quite no meaning, since
the remark would even so refer to that universe that is familiary known to
both men.  But in saying "There is a fire" he refers to the common
experience of THAT very PLACE and TIME, and virtually says that if the
second person will raise his eyes and look about him, he will find the
COMMON EXPERIENCE of THAT PLACE and TIME to connect itself with the
experience of a light AS OF a fire, the mode of connection being the
familiar one that the speaker INDICATED" [In collected papers of C.S.Peirce]

Andy, was your question about "an" experience indicating the centrality
of "particular" shared experiences as foundational for creating "common
ground"  and not over generalized "lived experience"? [A term I notice I
like to use]

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