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[xmca] Call for Post Doc proposal submission

Hi all,

we have a national call for post doc proposal submission.
I will be happy to disseminate this call to PhDs you know, if someone is interested in applications of CHAT in formal and/or informal science education. He or she will cooperate with me and at least one more member of the community. The cooperation will be both through physical participation to the Greek part of the research, some lectures, congresses etc as well as through e-communication for making the relevant publications. All costs for research, traveling and publications are covered.

Important information
- If proposal will be accepted, the position is active from 24 -36 months.
- Maximum funding amount is 150.000 euros for the whole project.
- Minimum funds for the post doc candidate is 1500 euros per month. Taxes etc
are plus to this amount of 1500 euros.
- Relevant site [in Greek]
- Language of proposal submission is English.
- Deadline for proposal submission [in English] is the end of September.

Katerina Plakitsi
Assistant Professor of Science Education
Department of Early Childhood Education
School of Education
University of Ioannina
tel.: +302651005771 office
fax: +302651005842
tel.: +6972898463 mobile
e-mail: kplakits@cc.uoi.gr

From: "Jim Levin" <jalevin@ucsd.edu>
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2010 7:00 PM
To: <xmca@weber.ucsd.edu>
Subject: [xmca] the search for an Associate Professor or Full Professor in
Educational Leadership

Hi XMCA folks,

Education Studies at UC San Diego is recruiting an Associate Professor or
Full Professor in Educational Leadership - can you help us identify
potential  candidates?  The position is described at:

Can you send this information to any folks you think might be interested?

Jim Levin
Professor, Education Studies, UC San Diego
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