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[xmca] Mind as a construct in Analytical and Continental traditions

Hi Andy

Thanks for that clarification.  I responded from memory what I remember you
wrote and I guess I "read" into your comment the term "merely".  Merely is a
wonderful term to "dismiss" the other persons position in a dialogue.  Now
that I'm aware the sense of frustration is the result of  a 2 century old
debate it puts your response in a new context :)

Andy, I'm also aware that  some scholars believe Valsiner is too biased
toward "subjectivist" interpretations but there is always a tension between
subjective, intersubjective, and hermeneutical or social representational
"objective" accounts  in the human sciences.  Valsiner's 4 level U-shaped
model of differential AND then de-differentiation [at the level of values]
is certainly a perspective worth more reflection and dialogue.

What do you think of the U-shape graph he developed?

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