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[xmca] 4 NYkers: Academic Lessons from Video Game Learning Conference

Of potential interest to those living in the area and maybe an excuse for
others to visit?

Would appreciate sharing of this information with CDS members.

*Academic lessons from video game learning: Screen-to-Screen*

*Sponsored by the National Science Foundation*

*Fordham University – Lincoln Center Campus, New York, NY*

*October 7-10, 2010*

*Limited registration slots available!*

This conference brings together leading researchers and practitioners
representing developmental and cognitive psychology, communications, media,
and game design to examine how learning transfers from video game play to
the elementary and secondary school classroom.

 Invited conference attendees’ talks and activities will address:

·         cognitive skills and content knowledge that children and
adolescents acquire and refine during video game play;

·         game features that captivate and promote skill development among
game players; and

·         evidence of skill and content knowledge transfer from video game
play to the classroom context among game players of different ages.

We are now making room for a small number of places in the audience in
addition to the invited participants. This audience will take part in
conference activities. The fee for the 3 and a half day conference including
lunch and continental breakfast is $250.  Registration information and the
conference agenda is now available at www.fordham.edu/screen-to-screen. For
more information, please contact Fran Blumberg, blumberg@fordham.edu.

*Academic lessons from video game learning Conference Participants*

James Bachhuber –  *Game Wise, EDC Center for Children & Technology*

Susan Barnett – *Cornell University*

John Black –* Teachers College*

Mark Blades – *University of Sheffield*

Fran Blumberg –  *Fordham University*

Sandra Calvert – *Georgetown University*

Derrick Cogburn – *American University, Syracuse University*

Mike Edwards  – *Parsons, The New School*

Shalom Fisch –  *MediaKidz Research & Consulting*

E. Anders Ericsson – *Florida State University*

Nick Fortugno – *Playmatics*

Douglas Gentile – *Iowa State University*

C. Shawn Green – *University of Minnesota*

Kathleen Kremer –  *Fisher-Price, Inc.*

David Klahr –  *Carnegie Mellon University*

Michael Levine – *Sesame Workshop*

H. Chad Lane* *– *University of Southern California*

Colleen Macklin* *–* Parsons, The New School*

Shelley Pasnik –* EDC Center for Children & Technology*

Alex Quinn – formerly of *Games for Change*

Ute Ritterfeld –*VU University Amsterdam*

Katie Salen –*  GameLab Institute of Play*

John Sherry – *Michigan State University*

Corrine Zimmerman –  *Illinois State University*
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