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Re: [xmca] Educational Nightmare in AZ

I'll write to Patricia as suggested to see if there is any way to be of
On the face of it, the actions of the lawyers you describe sound like they
are raw violations of the law! If I were to violate human subjects rules in
the way you describe, all hell would be brought down on me.

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 9:07 PM, <cconnery@ithaca.edu> wrote:

> Hi Mike and everyone:
> For those of you who can't be in Tuscon on September 1 to protest the
> harrassment of scholarly researchers and education faculty & personell,
> there are a few steps you might take to assist in your own way including the
> following:
> 1) Offer your own professional, organizational, or institutional support or
> expertise to the researchers and the Civil Rights Project by contacting
> Patricia Gandara directly at: pcgandara@gmail.com
> 2) Express your outrage regarding the miseducation of English Language
> Learners and the harrassment of social scientists in one of the following
> papers:
> Tucson Citizen , Yuma Daily Sun, Casa Grande Dispatch, Kingman Daily Miner,
> Phoenix New Times, and the LA Times
> 3) Inform colleagues on your institutional review boards about the
> situation and stress that the bullying and harrassment of scholarly
> researchers and organizations won't be tolerated at your universities /
> colleges.
> 4) Boycott all things Arizona.
> 5) Keep posted....I'm trying to find out if a legal defense fund has been
> raised for the researchers.
> Best wishes,
> Cathrene
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