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Re: [xmca] vodburner

>>  It's PC only,
>> but there might be a comparable Mac product out there somewhere for ichat or
>> skype. p

Some suggestions here. I have used WireTap.

 15 Apps for Recording Skype Conversations | VoIP Sol

And a few Mac apps for recording Skype calls. Most are standalone apps, Call Recorder is a Skype plugin. I’ve also found a workaround using GarageBand and 2 other apps to record your calls in OS X.

Audio Hijack (Mac – Universal) – Quickly and easily save audio from almost any application to an AIFF file. Slick integration with OS X. Free, optional upgrade offering ability to tweak sound.
Call Recorder (Mac) – Skype plugin to record conversations and save as AAC, or convert to MP3.
GarageBand – Workaround: uses 2 other apps, LineIn(Universal – free) and Soundflower (Universal – free). If you don’t want to spend extra on a dedicated app, try this.
Nicecast (Mac – Universal) – Podcasting app that can besetup to record from Skype.
WireTap Pro (Mac – Universal) – Powerful app to record and save Skype calls directly into your iTunes library or onto your iPod. Also can record streaming audio from internet. Variable file formats available for saving.
If you know of any other hacks or apps for recording Skype calls, please let us know.

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