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[xmca] Access to discussions on XMCA

While reading the paper by Pizarroso and Valsiner with great interest, and
pondering some recent
discussion on xmca, it occurred to me that some folks may still be unaware
of the xmca archive, which,
temperamental though it can be, is searchable via google on the home page of

So, for discussions of, say, pseudoconcepts (entries appear to be somewhat
different for pseudoconcept
and pseudoconceptS, i did not try pseudo concept, I found a BUNDLE of prior
entries. I believe that the
paper written by Paula and Carol for MCA and discussed here is also
available. Ditto perezhivanie.

The entries for both go back some years and have a good deal to offer. It
sure would be nice if we could
work out a way to build a kind  of "keywords" list for people interested in
the range of concepts arrayed

Pity about abduction fallling short of Jaan's hopes. I really appreciated
the discussion of Pierce and the
precis of Baldwin's ideas, which seemed really worthwhile.

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