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Re: [xmca] The Interpersonal Is Not the Sociocultural

Martin you mention you recently scanned a large file that deals with emotions [from 1989] and links it to sociocultural theory.
It did not come through on my computer.
Could you please send again.  I appeciate how you bring in Heidegger, Garfinkel, and others to engage a constructivist and sociocultural dialogue. 
Being [as-was] and becoming [as-if] within HISTORICAL frameworks is an approach I want to explore.
Learning as acquiring knowledge is central to the mission of schooling but your emphasizing the ontological realm of sociocultural theory and the historical roots BEFORE Vygotsky is "knowledge" I want to aquire in order to locate Vygotsky in this larger theme of social recognition, tension, and forming identity.
I sense that your approach will help link my other interests in relational psychoanalysis and "attachment theory" with these broader historical themes.
Thanks Martin


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