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Re: [xmca] Child Development

Dear Larry,

I share your sincere feelings and I also think that you may , as myself,
physically live in a middle class or a worker home, but I also think that as
far as your heart and head are with this little humanity in Haiti, which
seems to be the case surely, you should not blame yourself...but there are
others who deserve violent blaming for this situation...May it be a
President with a Nobel Prize who continues to apply the same
blockade applied to Cuba "a Bush with a smile on his face" (Fidel Castro's
recent words)

I am in Turkey , very far to Haiti which seems to be just 60 miles from

Is it really so difficult to imagine a different future, a better Haiti
under these conditions, when the example of Cuba with its excellent
conditions for its children, is only 60 miles from Haiti?

I hope in 2010 Haiti will join other countries in the continent on the way
to a better future for their children.



2009/12/23 Larry Purss <lpurss@shaw.ca>

> Mike
> That article on Haiti is so depressing and discouraging and yes I also am
> reading it from the comfort of my middle class home.  That home speaks to
> material comfort (far beyond my fair share of the world's resources.)  Makes
> me reflect on Scheff's core emotion of shame as the unspeakable emotion in
> modern technological societies.
> My middle class home also speaks to middle class private homes as artifacts
> (architecture) which express Cartesian individualism and the radical
> separation of private life from public shared spaces. My discourse practices
> question that arrangement but I must admit (being a child of the 60's) that
> trying to create "intentional communities" is a very difficult undertaking
> for someone raised in an individualistic institutional structure.
> In hesitant response to the difficulty of trying to imagine a different
> future I can only quote Frederich Nietzche:
> "The overthrow of beliefs is not immediately followed by the overthrow of
> institutions; rather the new beliefs live for a long time in the now
> desolated and eerie house of their predecessors, which they themselves
> preserve, because of the housing shortage"
> Larry
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> > Check it out.
> > As complementary reading I recommend Tracy Kidder's *Mountains beyond
> > Mountains*. Larry, you might add Paul Farmer to your
> > list, but he only took on aids and TB, stll, an amazing guy.
> >
> > (Written from the comfort of my middle class home)
> > mike
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