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[xmca] Znak and Priznak


One more extemporaneous question.

Do you know something about any relations between the Russian term "priznak" 
and the peircean concept of "index"? There are many mentions to "priznak" in the
"Studies on the history of behavior: ape, primitive, and child" from Vygotsky 
and Luria... and, of course, a "priznak" must be a kind of "znak" (sign)... But no 
necessarily the "priznak"'s role, in some kinds of relations between human beings 
and his environment, is posed in strictly semiotic terms along the book... Can we 
find something more about the role of "index" in Vygotsky theory of sign? How 
does Russian semiotics designate Pierce typology of sings, for instance?

Thank you very much.

>From Brazil.  
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