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[xmca] Re-setting the polls

Dear Colleagues-
Owing to problems in communicating with Bruce about posting the articles for
discussion polling
booth, which were entirely my fault, my editorial comment was included among
those being voted on. This seems an error to me. I have regretted that those
who read this list and only read the article for discussion posted free
after a vote are missing an essential function of the editorials which is to
raise issues of general concern to the MCA/XMCA community, leading to
restricted discussions on XMCA that could most usefully be general. On the
other hand, the idea of the posting of articles submitted and reviewed in
the journal is to allows as broad an international community of scholars as
possible to have their
work discussed without waiting years for feedback and that idea is not well
served by the editorials.

Consequently, in this case, I have asked that bruce jones re-set the voting
booth and remove my editorial. At the same time. I am attaching the
editorial here for discussion. Perhaps Wolf-Michael or Ray McDermott and
collaborator will wish to do the same, or perhaps others who write
editorials I (the greater variety of voices we all hear, the better!!) will
choose to do so.

My apologies for the inconvenience i have caused. The new polls should be in
place early in the week if not before.

Since it will be a week or so before we have the results of that poll, if
people want to discuss the editorial,
fine. But there is an important discussion going on right now that may
supercede the issues I raise.


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