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Subject: TCRecord: Using Technology with Low-Performing Students
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 Using Alternative Lenses to Examine Effective Teachers' Use of Technology
with Low-Performing
by Julie A. Edmunds
 Much of the literature on technology use with low-performing students is
limited and often contradictory. This is partially because most research has
looked at technology use through a single lens: that of the technology
itself. Looking at technology use through multiple lenses, including
teachers' instructional practices, can help resolve some of the
contradictions. This study used a collective case study approach to examine
the use of technology by elementary school teachers who were effective at
improving the achievement of their low-performing students. Analysis of the
data found that these teachers used technology in a balanced way that was
continuous with their general instructional practices. Their use of
technology reflected nine primary roles: to target instruction more
effectively; to incorporate a variety of strategies; to support
teacher-guided instruction; to increase student involvement in instruction;
to facilitate remediation and reinforcement; to promote adva nced thinking
strategies; to increase access to resources; to motivate students; and to
meet the needs of the whole child.

 What Will Keep Today's Teachers Teaching? Looking for a Hook as a New
Career Cycle Emerges <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=14567>
by Jason Margolis
 This article explores how teachers with 4-6 years' experience conceive of
their career path in education, as well as ways that universities and
schools can better partner to increase teacher job satisfaction. It also
examines how taking on a teacher educator role via hosting an intern impacts
longer-term career plans.

 Book Reviews
 Learning for Meaning's
 by Stephanie Mackler
reviewed by David Coulter
 NCLB at the Crossroads: Reexamining the Federal Effort to Close the
Achievement Gap <http://www.tcrecord.org/Content.asp?ContentID=15803>
 by Michael A. Rebell and Jessica R. Wolff
reviewed by Gary Galluzzo
 Competing Conceptions of Academic Governance: Negotiating the Perfect
 by William G. Tierney
reviewed by David Ayers

 This week, Michelle Knight-Diop of Teachers College -- coauthor of
Possibilities: Engaging Cultural Rules of
discusses how understanding the relationship between emotion and
knowledge can help transform teaching practice. For more videos on
educational topics, visit After Ed <http://aftered.tv>.
 Interracial Roommates in
by Elizabeth Stearns
This commentary reviews the evidence regarding the impact of interracial
roommates on friendship diversity in colleges. It argues that policies
designed to maximize interracial roommate assignment may foster better
interracial relations on their campuses and perhaps throughout their
students' lifetimes.
  Call for Proposals - NSSE Yearbooks to Join
by Gary Natriello
The editors of TCR announce a call for proposals for future volumes of the
NSSE Yearbooks.

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