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[xmca] FW: Gerald Bracey, R.I.P.


>From Huffington Post:

Nationally known education commentator Gerald Bracey has died. Jerry Bracey
was an erudite and courageous voice debunking the clamoring attackers of
public education and the mainstream media who gave those attackers a
national platform, too often without question or challenge. His many
commentaries, including a recent series on the Huffington Post, will live as
a tribute to his quest for truth and fairness.

Author Alfie Kohn, who announced Bracey's passing on his Twitter page,
commented: "Spirited crusader for accuracy, integrity; denounced false
claims, misuse of stats; made the right enemies."

The most fitting tribute to Jerry Bracey would be for the voices he was
addressing to pause for a minute to listen to him and think.
Jerry's Huffington Post bio is here.

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