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Some books of possible interest:

Dear Educational Researcher:



Sense Publishers kindly invite you to have a free electronic preview of the
first 2 chapters of the following  books:


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WORDS AND WORLDS: Modelling Verbal Descriptions of Situations
Lieven Verschaffel and Wim Van Dooren, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and
Brian Greer and Swapna Mukhopadhyay, Portland State University  (Eds.)

In this book, the reader is invited to enter a strange world in which you
can tell the age of the captain by counting the animals on his ship, where
runners do not get tired, and where water gets hotter when you add it to
other water. It is the world of a curious genre, known as "word problems" or
"story problems". It originated in the ancient civilizations of Egypt,
China, and India, and is the subject of daily rituals among students and
teachers in mathematics classrooms all around the world. An international
group of scholars with a shared interest in this phenomenon explore multiple
aspects of this world from multiple perspectives. These discussions take us
deep into philosophical issues of the relationships between words,
mathematical systems, and the physical and social worlds we all inhabit.
Empirical investigations are reported that throw light on how students and
their teachers experience and interpret this activity, raising profound
questions about the nature and purposes of mathematics teaching/learning in
general and how it could be improved. 

Please find a free preview at:

30f7c81b52f872435532ec>  Words and worlds


Barbara M. Kehm, University of Kassel, Germany and Bjørn Stensaker, NIFU
STEP, Norway (Eds.)

University rankings are a relatively new phenomenon in higher education.
Although quite an established practice in the U.S., it is only within the
last decade that attempts to analyse university performance have spread to
the rest of the world, and that we also have seen new global rankings appear
? rankings attempting to measure university performance beyond national
borders. No wonder that this trend is accompanied by a growing interest in
studying rankings throughout the world. This book is written as part of the
effort to better understand rankings and their effects on higher education.

   A serious approach towards university rankings implies that rankings
should be analysed properly, including the methods used and the indicators
chosen, and investigate the objectives claimed. If university rankings are
considered as consumer information then everyone should have an interest in
basing such guidance on valid and reliable data and methodology. A serious
analysis should also discuss the wider implications of rankings as an
emerging phenomenon in higher education. ?

Please find a free preview at:

0f7c81b52f872435532ec>  University rankings


THE QUEST FOR MEANING: Narratives of Teaching, Learning and the Arts
Mary Beattie (Author/Editor), Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at
the University of Toronto, Canada

The Quest for Meaning: Teaching, Learning and the Arts presents a narrative,
arts-based approach to pedagogy and research in higher education. Through
narratives of experience, the book offers revealing, poignant examples of
the transformative power of the arts and of narrative inquiry in learners?
lives, and of the centrality of story in their ongoing quest for meaning.

   The Quest for Meaning will be valuable in a wide range of graduate and
undergraduate settings. It provides a framework for the development of new
pedagogies which integrate the theory and practice of narrative, arts-based
approaches to education. The work makes a contribution to the fields of
narrative and arts-based inquiry and pedagogy, qualitative research methods,
holistic and integrated studies, and self-directed inquiry. It will appeal
to a range of audiences who are interested in this creative, integrative
approach to education, and who want to gain insights into how students
learn, from their own unique perspectives.

   Grounded in Dr. Beattie?s interconnected approach to research and
pedagogy, the book begins with her own story of teaching, learning, research
and the arts. This provides the backdrop to an account of a collaborative
pedagogy designed to enable students to conduct in-depth narrative inquiries
into their lives, and to learn how to do narrative, arts-based research with
others. Here, Beattie provides insights into the practices and processes of
solitary and collaborative inquiry, and the interaction and integration that
take place within the three kinds of dialogue she proposes; the dialogue
with the self, the dialogue with others, and the dialogue between the
dialogues. ?

Please find a free preview at:

7c81b52f872435532ec>  The quest for meaning


Practices in Science Education
Issa M. Saleh and Myint Swe Khine, Emirates College for Advanced Education

?This book presents anticipated trends and demands of the new knowledge
economy, achieving goals with the use of various tools, generative and
collaborative efforts, increasing leadership capability in dynamic and
complex contexts, enculturation of cutting edge knowledge for educational
advancement and creation of teams that focus learning organizations.The book
brings together prominent and leading teacher educators and researchers from
around the world to present their scholarship, theories and practice, case
studies, state-of-the- art approaches and future-oriented predictions. ? The
book is a critical and specialized resource that describes how
transformative leadership can play an important role in achieving excellence
in education.The topics are covered in the book are: educational leadership
and effective teaching, research in transformational leadership, and
professional development and social capital building in Schools.

Please find a free preview at:

5254c30f7c81b52f872435532ec>  Fostering scientific habits of mind


POETIC INQUIRY: Vibrant Voices in the Social Sciences
Monica Prendergast, Lesley University, Cambridge, USA; Carl Leggo,
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada and Pauline Sameshima,
Washington State University, Pullman, USA  (Eds.)

Poetic Inquiry: Vibrant Voices in the Social Sciences, co-edited by Monica
Prendergast, Carl Leggo and Pauline Sameshima, features many of the foremost
scholars working worldwide in aesthetic ways through poetry. The
contributors (from five countries) are all committed to the use of poetry as
a way to collect data, analyze findings and represent understandings in
multidisciplinary social science qualitative research investigations.  The
creativity and high aesthetic quality of the contributions found in the
collection speak for themselves; they are truly, as the title indicates,
"vibrant voices". This groundbreaking collection will mark new territories
in qualitative research and interpretive inquiry practices at an
international level. ?.

Please find a free preview at:

54c30f7c81b52f872435532ec>  Poetic inquiry


THE CIVIC GOSPEL: A Political Carthography of Christianity
William Reynolds, Georgia Southern University and Julie A. Webber, Illinois
State University

This book is a result of the times in which we are living.  These times
demand a response. When the authors began to write this book, it was not
popular to dissent against the Bush administration. In fact, dissent was and
still is equated with terrorism. Now, it might seem that the tide is turning
and maybe after the 2008 election some of this nightmare we have been
experiencing will change. At least that is the optimistic view. But there
are small traces that the struggle the authors discuss in this book will
continue well into the 21st century.

The intermingling of the political and the religious is still swirling in
the present context.  The Civic Gospel, as the authors discuss it, is the
notion that preaching the Gospel is preaching politics and vise versa. This
book is about that struggle and the issues related to it.

Please find a free preview at:

4c30f7c81b52f872435532ec>  The civic gospel



BEYOND ?PRESENTISM?: Re-Imagining the Historical, Personal, and Social
Places of Curriculum
James Nahachewsky, University of Victoria, Canada and Ingrid Johnston,
University of Alberta, Canada (Eds.)

Precisely titled, this powerful collection constitutes a ?chronotope,? an
erudite enactment of interstices within and among historical time, spiritual
place, and political culture, a recollection focused forward to those
?hybrid? generations (in Canadian classrooms) whose frontier is haunted by
forts populated by not always their ancestors, inscribed in their national,
regional, aboriginal identities. Homophobic, hygienic, the curriculum is
always already inhabited by the language of the Other, propelling us toward
?post-post? being, forested in difference, rooted in images, refracted
through mirrors and windows. In constructing this crucial collage of
decolonization, the contributors summon us to study with them the place we

WILLIAM F. PINAR, Professor and Canada Research Chair,  Department of
Curriculum and  Pedagogy, University of British Columbia, Canada


Please find a free preview at:

c30f7c81b52f872435532ec>  Beyond ?presentism?



THE RESEARCH MISSION OF THE UNIVERSITY: Policy Reforms and Institutional
Patrick Clancy, University College Dublin and David D. Dill, University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Eds.)

This volume presents recent scholarship on the changing research mission of
the university and on the implications of these changes for the university
itself. As these papers make clear the leading nations increasingly view the
research mission of the university as a principal component of national
innovation policies.  The papers therefore examine the current preoccupation
of higher education policy with concentrating knowledge production to
enhance national innovation and competitiveness and with assessing research.
The authors explore how this new policy emphasis has influenced: research
funding mechanisms; research evaluation; initiatives designed to encourage
university knowledge transfer; and reforms of doctoral education. The papers
analyse the impact of these reforms and the response of universities to the
changing policy environment.  ? 

Please find a free preview at:

c81b52f872435532ec>  The research mission


Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia and Tshwane
University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa

These songlines ?sing? into history the personal story of Action Learning
and Research (ALAR) by an ALAR founder, Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt. Revealed
through a collection of interviews conducted by scholars from six countries,
these engaging, informative, intimate stories record her ALAR journey to
document history and, more importantly, to help develop skills and
innovation in workplace/community and lifelong learning for everyone,
including the disadvantaged and poorest. 


This book is a must read for action researchers of all stripes and
experience levels. Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt, a principal architect of ALAR who
has pushed the boundaries of AR conceptually and methodologically, has now
created a unique book built out of orchestrated interviews that provide us
with much insight into who she is, why and how to learn from her, and
invitation to collaborate in further developing our practice for the benefit
of everyone.  

Davydd Greenwood, PhD, Goldwin Smith Professor of Anthropology, Cornell
University, USA.

Please find a free preview at:

81b52f872435532ec>  Action learning


RECLAIMING DISSENT: Civics Education for the 21st Century
Mordechai Gordon, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT (Ed.)

Reclaiming Dissent is a unique collection of essays that focus on the value
of dissent for the survival of democracy in the United States and the role
that education can play with respect to this virtue. The various
contributors to this volume share the conviction that the vitality of a
democracy depends on the ability of ordinary citizens to debate and oppose
the decisions of their government. Yet recent history in the United States
suggests that dissent is discouraged and even suppressed in the political,
cultural and educational arenas. Many Americans are not even aware that
democracy is not primarily about voting every four years or majority rule,
but about actively participating in public debates and civic action. This
book makes a strong case for the need to reclaim a tradition in the United
States, like the one that existed during the Civil Rights Era, in which
dissent, opposition, and conflict were part of the daily fabric of our
democracy. Teacher educators, teacher candidates, new teachers, and
educators in general can greatly benefit from reading this book.

Please find a free preview at:

b52f872435532ec> Paperback Reclaiming dissent



Peter de Liefde

Publisher and General Manager




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