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Re: [xmca] schools kill creativity?

I don't know how widely this was publicized outside the US, but for the Atlanta Olympics substantial numbers of homeless people were driven from the streets just so Atlanta, and the US, would not look bad. And in Beijing entire neighborhoods were razed and people driven from their homes to put a more modern face on that city. These seem more like Public Relations than political ideology but of course that in itself is political ideology.

On Sat, 3 Oct 2009, David Preiss wrote:

Indeed, violence in the favellas will produce a crude contrast with the olympics mania that I am sure will distort whatever means the olympic spirit.

But the olympics have never been so clean and they have been always been more about politics than pure sportsmanships, haven't they? Just remember the nazi olympics of Berlin 1936, the Munich massacre in 1972, or the Tlatelolco massacre just a few days Mexico 1968 started, not to mention more recent polemical venues.
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