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[xmca] FW: [AERA-CESJ] CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Special Issue: Social Justice and the Arts

Special Issue:  Social Justice and the Arts
Guest Editors: Lee Anne Bell and Dipti Desai 

Artists have always been engaged with social justice issues, yet social
justice educators often overlook or are not aware of their work and its
transformative potential. The arts provide a uniquely powerful way to link
the individual and systemic levels on which oppression and injustice
operate. Given the challenges of helping people discern the relationship
between individual acts of injustice and system-wide patterns, the arts
offer an important tool for making these connections at a visceral level.
Because oppression is lived not just "out there" in the world but "in here"
in our bodies, minds, and hearts, the arts are a vehicle for exploring these
connections in a deeper, more embodied way. The arts also inspire our
imaginative capacities and break through the crust of conventional thinking,
opening new ways to imagine what the world could be like if justice were the
organizing principle. Such opening can generate dialogue and divergent
viewpoints that expand the possibilities for analysis and action.
In this special issue we emphasize that teaching/learning occurs in many
places, including but not limited to K-12 settings, and we invite articles
about the arts and education from this broad understanding that draw upon
art forms including dance, theater, visual arts, performing arts, music,
media arts, poems, storytelling, and spoken word.
We seek articles that show how the arts can enable people in schools and
communities to think critically about issues of oppression and imagine
creative actions to engender justice in the world. We also welcome articles
that explore local/global connections and relationships, as well as those
that focus on human rights and justice from an international perspective.
All articles should address in some way the following key points:

*	Illustrate praxis, showing how theory and practice connect to
promote social justice in schools and communities 
*	Offer a critical analysis that connects the individual and
institutional/levels on which oppression operates 
*	Grounded in the arts and demonstrate creative ways to imagine
*	Community and/or school based 
*	Show people as agents with the capacity to act on their analysis and
*	Connect critique with hope and possibility

Note: If images are included with the article they should be at least 300
dpi, in black and white only, and must include copyright permission from the
creator(s) of the images. 

Submission Guidelines
Complete manuscripts are due May 1, 2010. For author guidelines, please see
the inside back cover of this issue or visit the journal website
(http://www.eee-journal.com  <http://www.eee-journal.com/>
<http://www.eee-journal.com/> ). Please confine manuscripts to 25
double-space pages and indicate in your cover letter that the submission is
for the special issue on Social Justice and the Arts. 

All submissions are peer reviewed. This special issue is scheduled to be
published August 2011. Contact Lee Ann Bell (lbell@barnard.edu) with any
questions related to this special issue.

Christine Clark, Ed.D.
702.896.1527 Telephone
702.896.4529 Facsimile
702.985.6979 Cellular
"What are the standards that we have?  If we're concerned about unarmed
truth--understanding this condition of truth is allowing suffering to
speak--and unconditional love--understanding justice is what love looks like
in public--then the question is, what suffering voices do we hear...and what
kinds of concerns about justice are made manifest...?
-Cornell West 

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