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Re: [xmca] When does an unbroken action begin and end?

On Fri, 21 Aug 2009, Andy Blunden wrote:

Mike Cole wrote:
Don't speeches and texts "pass control to and from an individual"??

Yes, it's obvious when you're talking about discourse, but
what about the more general domain of social action? I am
thinking that the idea applies in just the same way, even if
not quite so clearly. So "action" begins and ends when you
get/lose control of the action from/to another person.

On consciousness, let me think now ...

"control" seems not so clear to me. What about the dialogic character of my own <sic> train of thought? What about when a novelist or screenwriter pens a line of dialogue for a character, but the fictitious character herself fights back and, ultimately, refuses to say that line? Who's in control?
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