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[xmca] Q: can we define consciousness?

Mike Cole wrote:
And, can i repeat my request for what people are talking about in their various invocations of the term, consciousness? How many meanings floating around there. Is there also one correct way of defining consciousness or are people using that term as a pseudoconcept while thinking they are thinking scientifically?? I fear the latter.
But will celebrate learning how and when I am wrong and how to know.

Thinking aloud ... consciousness is all those active
processes of the person which form part of the person's
relationship with their environment.

Such a definition covers a wide range of things, because I
think you have to have a "definition" of "consciousness" as
a whole process, and not try to restrict it to one "grade"
of consciousness.

But I admit, that's the first time I've actually tried to do
a definition of "consciousness", and it's probably deeply


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