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Re: [xmca] Hedegaard article


On Sat, Feb 28, 2009 at 3:32 PM, Andy Blunden <ablunden@mira.net> wrote:

> I much enjoyed Mariane Hedegaard's paper, though my comments will be quite
> bare. Is someone passing the discussions on this list to Mariane?
> There are a number of aspects of this paper which I particularly
> appreciate: the effort to introduce notions of the good life and 'a good
> development' and other ethical considerations into the scientific study, and
> further including questioning of the power relations, interests and values
> entailed in the formation of views about child development. These notions
> create an internal tension within the idea of development which I think a
> purely descriptive approach can capture.
> I also appreciated the intention to include "children's projects, their
> intentions, their everyday practices, and their interacitons with other
> persons ..." I think this is necessary if we are to have a theory of
> development which is really able to deal with *human beings* rather than
> sponges.
> I think the tripartite setting: individual, the various particular
> institutions, and the state, is good. My only qualification is that these
> days "state" is more or less to be subsumed under "particular institutions"
> and can no longer be deemed as "universal".
> Finally, I would like to see an explicit recognition that crises arise in
> the development of the child which do not arise from conflicts between
> institutions, such as parental-culture and school-culture. A good social
> situation of development will generate crises for the child which can only
> be overcome by development, otherwise there would be no development at all.
> That said, I think it is a promising line of enquiry to look at the kind of
> development children have to make when confronted with the kind of
> institutional conflict the young Danish-TUrkish boy confronted.
> Thank you very much Mariane.
> Andy
> Mike Cole wrote:
>> Taylor and Francis appears to have left us hanging again on our article
>> for
>> discussion. Or I am doing something wrong.
>> In any case, attached is the article by Mariane Hedegaard that you voted
>> for
>> for discussion.
>> read, enjoy, ask questions, expound truths!!
>> mike
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