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Re: [xmca] On Marxist and non-Marxist aspects of the cultural-historical psychology of LSV

Both lsv and luria like to say something like "the circuits of the brain are
completed through the environment." I think the inside/outside binary, like
all such, is confusing us. We are talking in trinaries, not binaries.
But david can call up more on vacation and not around his libary than I can
sitting at home surrounding by all these materials but not opportunity to
even glance at them! So it goes.

Life is not permitting me to enter properly into the discussion at present,
but one of these days, life willing.l...

On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 2:03 PM, E. Knutsson <eikn6681@student.su.se> wrote:

> David K.
> You mentioned LSV's use of terms like 'internal' and 'external' to point to
> the
> inside and the outside of a single semiotic process. If, according to LSV,
> all
> higher mental functions "originate as actual relationships between
> individuals": don't you think it's reasonable to say that LSV transcended
> (or
> attempted to transcend) the internal-external dichotomy?
> E.K.
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