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[xmca] Ilyenkov on the material and spiritual

If everything is material for Ilyenkov, Martin, what does he
mean by this:

"Here [in Plato], in a semi-mystical, semi-mythological form
was clearly established a perfectly real fact, the fact of
the dependence of the mental (and not only mental) activity
of the individual on the system of culture established
before him and completely independently of him, a system in
which the “spiritual life” of every individual begins and
runs its course."

Using Google, I find that Ilyenkov often uses "spiritual" in
contrast to "material", sometimes in inverted commas but
often not all.


Martin Packer wrote:
> Andy,
> Once again you're pointing out what is material for Ilyenkov. I didn't
> bother to emphasize what things are material, because Ilyenkov is a
> materialist. Everything in his ontology is material. He is a monist!

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