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Re: [xmca] The theoretical reason of the "ban" on Vygotsky

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2009/2/17 E. Knutsson <eikn6681@student.su.se>

> If we begin at the beginning, Mayakovsky's suicide in 1930 signalled the
> submission of radical experimentation in science, art and culture to the
> reactionary dogma of 'socialist realism'. Like many others of the 1920s
> avant-
> garde, Vygotsky soon found himself politically isolated. The revolutionary
> energy was worn out or exhausted; the whole ship became ice-bound.
> E.K.
> -----------------------------
> Hello,
> I would like to ask any reference book or article about the*
> theoretical*reasons of why Vygotsky was not recognized in Soviet Union
> starting from 30s
> until 60s (it seems that, according to Mike (Cole) , his students were
> still
> in a situation of dissidence even around 1990s.
> I know that there may be many absurd political reasons about the ban on
> Vygotsky and his colleagues.
> But rather than the political ones, I would like to know the theoretical
> reasons: What the Soviet power did not like in Vygotsky's theory and
> approach? Did such a reason exist which belonged not to politics but to
> science of psychology itself?
> I know that Vygotsky rejected to qualify psychology "Marxist" easily ,
> without truly obtaining a scientific, Marxist science of psychology (He
> emphasized that psychology can only be Marxist in "Historical Crisis").
> May be authorities did not like his approach in this regard. Also, in that
> period, authorities did not like people look also to the West in various
> areas, including the art and they preferred people create science, art etc
> which belong only to Soviet Union...etc
> So, is there any hint about there any big theoretical difference beween
> what Soviet authorities preferred and what Vygotsky followed?
> Is there any memoirs from Luria, Leontiev about this?
> Regards
> Ulvi Icil
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