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[xmca] Re: xmca Digest, Vol 45, Issue 47

David wrote:
Actually, I think that the imprecision of word-meaning is related. The reason why word meaning is THE unit of analysis that Vygotsky posits for human consciousness is precisely that it is imprecise; it must be and it is accompanied with negotiation═procedures for reflection, induction, generalization, critical appropriation,═hypothesis formation and═hypothesis testing, all of which happen in and through═normal conversation. In Jay's terminology, word meaning is meta-stable rather than stable.═

Thank you, David. I just want to ask - where Vygotsky posits word meaning as unit of analysis of human consciousness? In which text and on what page? From what Vygotsky's work it is taken? Could I ask you to make a quotation from Vygotsky?
Thank you in advance
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