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[xmca] Perezhivanie from Varshav and Vygotsky

Boris Meshcheryakov sent me a pdf file of the Varshava and Vygotsky

dictionary which I will have posted at LCHC papers for discussion section in

I cannot seem to copy from the pdf file to gmail, so here is my attempt at

Perezhivanie – general name for mediated psychological experience (opyit);
from the

subjective side, any sort of psychic process is perezhivanie. In all
perezhivanie one

distinguishes the act and the content of perezhivanie; the first is the
activity connected

to the emergence of the given perezhivanie; the second is the content
constituting that

which is being experienced (perezhvaietsa, reflexive verb form of noun).

Achilles-- I know no German and cannot help with your proposed comparison.

I am convinced that perezhivanie is a highly polysemic term, the varied
narrowed-down meanings

of which in constituting various speech events is heavily theory laden. Just
look at the first part of

THIS definition!

So pairing things up terms like you have done seems to require us to do so
in a bracketed fashion.

Hopefully, those who know both German and Russian can be more helpful.

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