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[xmca] Looking for Psikhologicheskii Slovar' - L.S. Vygotsky & B.E. Varshava

Greetings for all, looking for 

Please, our friends from Russia, and all the people here.
Don´t you know something about any payed way to obtain,
from libraries, data bases, etc., a single copy from this work:

"L.S. Vygotsky & B.E. Varshava (1927/1931). Psikhologicheskii Slovar'. Moskva. 206 s."?
Л.С. Выготский (совм. с Б.Е. Варшава). Психологический словарь. М. 1931. 206 с. (1927)

I am quoting from the references of  Leontiev A.A. (red.) (2007)
Slovar' L.S. Vygotskogo. Moskva: Smisl. And there the publisher
of Vygotsky-Varshava's Dictionary is not registred.

I'm asking for to personal learning proposes, in order to learn language
and concepts at the same time. I wonder if there was any way to pay 
an international documents permutation service from Russian Libraries, 
for instance.

Please, if you can give any information, I thank you very much.

Best regards.

>From Brazil.

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