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[xmca] FW: Extremist threat to Obama

The Southern Poverty Law Center does a lot to  combat hateful and racist
activities in the US. Just a brief pitch to support their efforts. p



From: Southern Poverty Law Center [mailto:splc@newsletter.splcenter.org] 
Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 1:03 PM
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Subject: Extremist threat to Obama


 Southern Poverty Law Center

February 13, 2009 

military extremists
White supremacist under investigation
for plot to assassinate Obama
A recent search of a U.S. Marine's barracks turned up a journal allegedly
containing white supremacist material and a plan to kill President Obama.
The incident is the latest disturbing account
that suggests racist extremists are infiltrating the military - even as
officials deny there's a problem. SPLC President Richard Cohen has again
urged the Pentagon to uphold a zero-tolerance policy against white
supremacist activity. 


Angry over Obama victory, neo-Nazi
reportedly procured 'dirty bomb' components
A neo-Nazi in Maine, who was shot to death by his wife in December,
<http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/nBPJO0Rd1CO0WIn0HBxM0Eq>  a
cache of radioactive materials that could be used for building a "dirty
bomb," according to a recently leaked FBI intelligence report.


nativist report
<http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/nBPJO0Rd1CO0WIn0HBxN0Er> New
report: Three anti-immigration groups
share extremist roots
A new SPLC
report exposes the white nationalist roots of three Washington D.C.
organizations most responsible for blocking comprehensive immigration
reform. In response to the report, the
<http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/nBPJO0Rd1CO0WIn0HBxO0Es> New
York Times editorial board wrote "Kudos to the S.P.L.C. for shining a


Palm Beach schools reach landmark agreement with SPLC
In response to a complaint brought by the SPLC and other civil rights
groups, school officials in Palm Beach County, Florida (the 11th largest
school district in the nation) have
agreed to boost the counseling and psychological services needed to help
students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. "These steps will help
ensure our most vulnerable students are given the opportunity to succeed and
are not pushed out of the classroom," said David Utter, director of the SPLC
Florida Youth Initiative. 


Teaching Tolerance offers tips for coping in a bad economy
<http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/nBPJO0Rd1CO0WIn0HBxQ0Eu> TT
<http://newsletter.splcenter.org/cgi-bin4/DM/y/nBPJO0Rd1CO0WIn0HBxQ0Eu> The
new issue of Teaching Tolerance magazine provides teachers the tools
they need to help children cope with the stresses caused by our country's
economic crisis. The issue also looks at President Obama's historic speech
on race and offers suggestions to educators for fostering classroom
discussions that can lead to a deeper understanding about race and

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