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[xmca] The strange situation


Very thoughtful and well presented response to the topic of 'reflection'.
It has caused me to print out, read, reread and 'reflect' upon its
contents.  It does indeed make sense that what Ilyenkov's principle of
reflection is more robust then Vygotsky's infantile concept.  That Ilyenkov
has progressed the dialectic to an understanding of how this can guide
philosophers in their quest for understanding the substance of human
consciousness; however, what has it done for understanding the subject of
an individual's development of consciousness?  Infant's posses an autist
mind and through sensory connections gain a substance of thought.  That
Ilyenkov states this as 'essence of man' smacks full in the face of
Spinoza's definition of essence.  My understanding of Spinoza (of course,
please correct me if I have interpreted wrong) is that a woman can sieze
the essence of God through God's existence but the finite aspect of a
woman's substance prevents her from achieving God's' essence.  Therefore
man can 'reflect' upon the essence of God but when it comes to
consciousness I do not view this as reflection but consciousness.  If
people find it more comfortable to read God as infinite or nature that is
their prerogative but I choose not to remove spirit from human existence.


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