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Date: Tue Jul 29 2008 - 11:26:10 PDT

I can suggest three places to look. But I'm afraid I can't give you the exact page numbers; I'm out in the woods away from my library:
a) There is a criticism of Vygotsky's internalization on this question in "Vygotsky and the Social Formation of  Mind", J.V. Wertsch, CUP 1985.
b) Wertsch has a more succinct version of this argument with a much more accessible example (pole vaulting) in the early chapters of "Mind as Action", OUP 1998. This is good because it leads (my) grad students to a discussion of whether appropriation might be okay for physical activities like pole vaulting and internalization okay for semiotic activities like languaging.
c) There is a "third position" in Lantolf, J. P. (2003). Intrapersonal communication and internalization in the second language classroom. In A. Kozulin, V. S. Ageev, S. Miller and B. Gindis. (Eds.), Vygotsky's Educational Theory in Cultural Context. (pp. 349-370). Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Lantolf goes for "interiorization", a solution I would prefer, except that I can't think of a good outward oriented counterpart. "Exteriorization" as opposed to expression? Hmmmm....
David Kellogg
Seoul National University of Education

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Subject: [xmca] Internalization and Appropriation
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Can anyone recommend a relatively accessible paper (for use in an ed
psych type course) that compares and contrasts notions of
internalization from sociocultural theory and appropriation from
activity theory?
David Kirshner
PS. You can reply off line and I will compile a list of suggestions (if
any) to re-circulate back to the list.
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