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From: Wagner Schmit <mcfion who-is-at>
Date: Tue Jul 22 2008 - 07:21:09 PDT

I managed to have an avatar and i found the location.... But i'm afraid i
can't participate in the meetings... When i logged the first time i received
a warning telling me that my graphic card don't reach the requeriments, plus
my slow internet conection (24KB or 200kbps) everything takes a lot of time
to appear and takes some seconds to my avatar to respond my comands =/

I will try to discuss this with my research group, maybe the computer in the
university are better =)


On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 6:48 AM, BRUCE ROBINSON <> wrote:

> Andy B wrote:
> I signed up for Second Life to try participating in this,
>> but could not figure out how to find this place.
>> Really mucks with my head this thing. I have never used chat
>> rooms of anything like that. It is just so real. I react to
>> people there just like real people but I feel childish. :(
>> Andy
> Andy,
> Your feelings of dislocation are, in my experience, typical. You are, after
> all, simultaneously in two spaces (places?) with two identities. SL is real
> in the sense that real world interactions and transactions can take place
> there that could not take place in the same way or at all without the
> virtual environment - ranging from shopping for virtual clothes to
> international protest. It is familiar and unfamiliar at the same time e.g. a
> physical landscape but one where one can fly and distance is dissolved. The
> people*are* real but with additional layers of mediation (they have to obey
> the dictates of SL as environment and social location), identity and real
> presence, perhaps like a chat room but also with a physical component (cases
> of sexual harassment have been reported in SL).
> I'm not sure whether the dislocation is just particularly sharp for
> beginners or whether it fades for those who become totally immersed in SL
> for whom it really becomes a second life so that they take the weirdness for
> granted. Either way lots of material for CHAT to deal with.
> The political economy and governance of SL are also interesting. Linden
> Labs issues its own currency and makes its own rules. How these corresponds
> to 21st century financial and consumer capitalism is another interesting
> topic.
> Bruce
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