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Ana & Ljubica:

Such a well written and presented article, great quotes and examples to
illustrate your thinking. It is always a joy to read something that I
viewed over time in discussions that appeared on this forum! Hopefully
others will join in the discussion of this great article.

Briefly, here are a couple of thoughts

1)Having never read Bahktin ( iknow, i know. . .he is so often referenced
that it is simply horrible on my part that I have not) I had never come
across the concept of a chronotope. Now that I have been introduced to the
concept I really like it! And I should add i am now motivated to read
Bahktin. The use of it to describe a play frame is remarkably similar to
Mikhail Basov's view on the importance of play in a child's development.
This can be referenced in: Basov, M.Ia. (1929) 'Structural analysis in
psychology from the standpoint of behavior'. Journal of Genetic
Psychology, 36, 267-90. Basov speaks of the child moving from loosely
organized temporal events to incorporating 'schemes' into goal-directedness
and planning. Is this how chronotope is being used?

2)Cognitive development in a child occurs as they experience a methaphor in
a playframe and as a child becomes familiar with the use of this metaphor
they see examples in their daily activities and when they enter into
another playframe they have a 'ready-made' TOPIC that can easily be played

3) One last thought pertains to the examples of how a TOPIC is presented
in the playframe. "Pretend there is a monster coming" ; "Let's pretend you
are my father and I am your daughter." In both instances it is the word
that comes first and not the behavior. Perhaps is this why Vygotsky viewed
the word as the unit of analysis for the study of human development?

Again, such a great article and thanks for sharing it with XMCA!

What do others think?


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