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From: Phil Chappell <philchappell who-is-at mac.com>
Date: Mon Jul 14 2008 - 15:56:42 PDT

Dear All,

My repiles seem to have ended up in the ether somewhere, and I don't wish to appear dismissive or ungrateful. My replies to Peter and Anton below:

Thanks Peter - actually, I'm working through Holland and Lachiotte's
chapter right at this moment and was hoping to explore the
contributions of Josiah Royce to the imitation/internalisation debate
(mentioned on page 107 of H and L).


Thanks Anton, for taking the time to share the article. And certainly,
Valsiner and van der Veer's Social Mind is a worthy investment.
Harking back a century or so to the likes of Baldwin, Joyce, Mead etc
opens up a veritable treasure chest, and The Social Mind is a great


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