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Only one more little question:

The Russian word in Puzirei's "note 24" is "психотехника" (psykhotekhnika) = maybe "psychotechnics", not "psychotechnology".
Do you agree?

("psychotechnology seems more "rough". Recently there was here a discussion about the problem of Vygostsky's potential
and/or actual project of "social engeneering" x "enpowerment" in order to human kind (self)produce "better man"...
{but, tekhné(Greek) = art (?)})

And, in the Russian version that I have, there is not this interesting word "psychopraxis" that appears in English translation,
but only "psykhotekhnika" again in the Vygotsky's text quoted by Puzirei. In my Spanish version, translated has "psicotecnia"...
(Vygotski, Obras Escogidas. Tomo 1. Ed. Amelia Alvarez y Pablo del Rio, Madrid 1991 - p. 358)... In Portuguese: "psicotecnia"
too, but... translated from the same Spanish, without more explanations... "psychopraxis"...

Thank you.
Umuarama, July 11, 2008.

Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 23:37:50 +0000
Subject: [xmca] RE: mental health
Ok, Mike.
Vygotsky, LS (1929/1989). Concrete human psychology. Soviet Psychology, 27, (2), 53–77
Russian text @ 1986 by Moscow University. Vestn. Mask. Un-ta. Ser. 14, Psikhologiya, 1986, No. 1, pp. 51-64.
(Notes by Andrei Puzirey)
Complete Puzirey’s notes I’ve partially quoted before:
[Methodology of psychotechnology (and/or psychopraxis)]
24. In his work [The historical meaning of the crisis in psychology], ([Collected
work]. Vol. 1, pp. 289 ff.), indiscussing the ideaof 'general psychology.'
which he understood as the 'methodology of psychotechnology' (in the
broad sense) or 'a philosophy of practice,' Vygotsky formulated one of the
most fundamental characteristics of such a psychology: its orientation toward
psychotechnology in the broad sense of the word, i.e., the techniques of practical
work with the mind, its transformation, control over it, and its develop
ment. Vygotsky writes, 'The goal of such a psychology is not Shakespearean
concepts, as Dilthey says, but psychopraxis. i.e., a scientific theory that would
result in subordination and mastery over the mind, in the artificial control of
(Puzirey, p. 75)
[Person and illness]
 26. This idea, which is found repeatedly in this text of Vygotsky's, can also
be found in many contemporary psychologists and psychotherapists of the post-
Freudian school, for example, representatives of the 'humanist' school,
which attaches fundamental importance to it. However, this idea can also be
found, perhaps in its clearest and most concise form, in the works of Thomas
Mann. Thus, in the preface to the American one-volume edition on Dostoevsky
(see T. Mann, [Collected works], Vol. 10). where he discusses to what extent
the fact that Dostoevsky was apparently mentally ill (an epileptic) left its mark
on his literary production, Mann insists that is not, and cannot be, a direct and
unambiguous causal relationship between the nosological characteristics of a
disease (even in the case of a mental disorder) and a person's personality traits
and the general line of his mental development. It is important to know,
according to Mann's basic idea, not what illness a person has, but what person
has a particular illness. Similar thoughts can be found in Vygotsky's earlier
works, particularly in those devoted to an analysis of the problem of character.
See for example, the work from 1928 [The problem of the dynamics of child
character], [Collected works]. Vol. 5, pp. 153, 165, and elsewhere. See also
the postulate that it is not possible to determine unambiguously the development
Of the Personality in terms of individual properties in Leont'ev's later works
for example, [Activity Consciousness. Personality]. Moscow, 1975. P. 177
and others).
(Puzirey, p. 76)

Thank you, very much.
Umuarama, 10 July, 2008.
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I am sorry not to respond quickly to your interesting recent posts,. Achilles. I will do so as soon as I can.Did you provide English reference for Puzerei? Very few members of xmca read Russian.mike

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